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Are Roller Shutters Good For Security

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  • 25-04-2022
Are Roller Shutters Good For Security

Are roller shutters good for security? Find out about how safe roller shutters are and which roller shutter material is best for security.

How Roller Shutters add Security

Typically, secure roller shutters are seen as incredibly secure and therefore highly suitable for various properties to protect a variety of valuables and items behind them.

Many manufactured roller shutters act as a sufficient deterrent to burglars and criminals that attempt to vandalise or break into your premises. 

The noise of metal roller shutters that occurs when touched is extremely loud, especially at night, and would make any attempted crimes or break-ins too obvious for the thief to carry on without the police being called to the location or burglar alarms going off.

It would often require criminals and thieves to stock up on heavy-duty tools and equipment to break through the shutters successfully. 

Whilst, they could successfully cut through your shutter, the act will be incredibly time consuming and loud, meaning they would no doubt get caught, especially on a busy high street or local corner store. It's good to invest in high-quality alarm systems and detectors; however, the noise of the doors may be enough.

Metal roller shutters are a fantastic security door option for stores or garage doors; however, their security levels often depend on the various materials used to compose and develop the shutters. 

Many common materials like steel and aluminium have their advantages and disadvantages that it's good to be aware of when selecting a suitable roller shutter for your business. 

Some are more flexible than others and more complex to install; however, it's worth the extra time if they provide protection.

Steel tends to be a more prevalent option for those searching for effective roller shutters in industrial markets, warehouses and heavy-duty doors compared to aluminium, as it provides greater resistance. 

Aluminium is best for residential homes and garage doors as it is a lighter material, perfect for domestic properties. It's efficient to operate manually if you invest in a winder box. 

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters?

How safe are roller shutters?

It's mandated in all manufacturing regulations that each roller shutter designed and created by staff teams must be manually operated or motorised with some form of manual override. 

It is a topic that requires seriousness and scrutiny; are employees able to escape from windows in the event of a fire? 

It's vital that any locks fitted onto the doors and shutters must be specified so that operators can efficiently operate keyless latches from within the property, unit or store. You do not require a key to unlock the latches. 

As the employer or property owner, you must ensure that your installed roller shutters are as safe as the windows and walls they have been fitted to. 

Due to fire ratings and independent testing, many fire shutters are rated to last approximately 4 hours, meaning they are skilled at withstanding fires for such extended amounts of time. 

Many manufacturers state so in minutes on their product name or product description - if you see a '240,' it means the doors and shutters are fire rated for this long. 

Current fire shutters in Britain receive testing against the British Standard BS EN 1634 -1, -2, and -3 for smoke control and fire resistance. 

The sight of steel security doors and shutters is often enough to deter thieves from breaking and entering into your property building. 

Security roller shutters will say plenty about the owners and their security ethics, alongside any extra measures they put in place to secure areas behind the door.

 Heavy-duty security will ensure your property is not worth a criminal's time. Steel doors get efficiently fitted with drill-proof impact locks, heavy-duty hardware, and reinforced frames. 

You'll have complete peace of mind that even the most determined of burglars will fail against such high-quality security shutters and top-quality installations. 

How Strong Are Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutter Material

Manufacturers in the UK use two primary materials to create and develop strong roller shutters: aluminium and steel. Both have their ideal usage and own qualities.

Aluminium is a far lighter material that is incredibly malleable, more so than steel. Aluminium serves better as a visual deterrent than a shutter that requires genuine break-in prevention qualities.

For example, if your store is more prone to thieves and vandals, like a shopping centre after hours, or you have a first-floor window in a high crime area, you may want to opt for a material more protective.

Alternatively, you could use roller shutters made of aluminium for properties that you'll frequently be opening and closing.

Its lightweight nature makes it more appropriate for lowering and raising than steel, putting less strain on your electric motors and the operators, ultimately increasing its longevity.

Are Roller Shutters Good For Security?

Aluminium can quickly be formed and modelled into various shapes, making it a fantastic option for insulated roller shutters. Such shutters may feature infilled slats of additional layers of special foam.

The foam inside consists of a high insulation level, helping to manage heat far better than their counterparts with single skinned layers.

On the other hand, steel is far more damage resistant than aluminium, making them far more appropriate for times and locations like busy high streets and high crime areas where security is vital.

However, their slats aren't the only aspects that warrant attention; it contains various surrounding components and locks to enhance security.

You must ensure that your roller shutters are skillfully constructed using high-quality steel without gaps and encourage smooth operation.

Thieves tend to search for weak housing and store construction spots, so ensure no aspect of your shutters is of poor quality; otherwise, they will take advantage of them.

Roller Shutter Design

Alongside materials, the overall design of roller shutters can play a relatively significant role in the level of security. There is a wide variety of roller shutter designs available for numerous property owners as many applications are regarded as suitable. 

Most people will always find something to suit their company's or services' style and securing needs. Often many property owners are searching to balance security and visibility in their company.

Roller shutters like tube and link shutters with a high visibility level are almost perfect for the shop front; however, their security rating is often reduced. 

Its shutters aren't strictly weaker or have significant weak points, but there is usually more room for access to the window or glass behind them. 

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