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How Can A Business Improve Its building Security

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  • 30-06-2022
How Can A Business Improve Its building Security

Are you looking for more information about improving business security? We ask: How can a business improve its building security? 

Adequate security measures for commercial buildings are essential for the employees and equipment inside. Security threats prevent unauthorised access, but what are the best actions to implement?

How to improve workplace security

There are always ways to improve business security. Protecting employees and customers by hiring security guards and limiting security risks by who can gain access to the premises is the best way to prevent damage, theft and more.
With security systems consistently updating, as a facility manager or a similar position, keeping sensitive data secure and improving security at your business has never been easier.

Security incidents at business premises are always rising, as typically expensive assets and equipment are stored within the walls. Criminals are attracted to places of high importance, so modern security equipment and alarm systems are a priority. It's much cheaper to invest in preventative means than to pay for the repairs or health bills afterwards. 

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There are many services designed to protect your office during the day and the night. Hiring guards, using key cards, and using CCTV are several ways to keep offices safe in and outside of business hours.
Each industry will require different techniques and security maintenance, but it's crucial to implement some form of protection against thieves and unwanted guests on your grounds.

To enhance your physical security and prioritise the safe environment of the workplace, let's look at some tips to improve security overall. 

Tips for improving your business security

While you can do everything possible to prevent potential intruders from entering your premises during business hours, many high-risk areas will be targeted by criminals after hours. There are many things you can implement to restrict access and improve building security: 

Risk Assessment

The first thing you can do is conduct a risk assessment of all potential risks and critical areas, making a note of all entry points. You should ensure your security risk assessment is up to date and that all employees and authorised individuals are aware of the safety and security protocols.
By consistently checking for security risk locations across your property and ensuring only authorised individuals can gain entry, you are making the workplace a better and safer place.

Keep all entrances and exits secure

Your access control on all doors should be reliable and updated regularly. Keypads, key cards and motion detectors around doors are becoming commonplace, meaning you can see when an employee leaves or arrives, particularly around locations like parking areas.

Purchase an excellent alarm system

Alarm systems are a safe means of protecting businesses while no one is in. Many will automatically contact the local police when potential intruders attempt to enter, alleviating some of your top concerns as a business owner.
If you clearly advertise and show alarms at your business, you will deter crime from happening as a potential thief will not want to burgle a property with alarm systems. 

Fit your building with CCTV cameras

Security cameras continue to innovate and make employees and businesses feel safe. CCTV cameras help to monitor suspicious activity, especially outside of business hours. Many systems can be observed from your phone while not at the site, which you should consider when installing cameras. 

Invest in a high-quality security door and locking system

Security experts regularly speak of the importance of high-quality doors and locking systems, as many burglars will use equipment and tools to force their way into a property. If the outer doors are too strong for them to break through, they are less likely to enter or attempt to enter. 

External security lights 

When it comes to protecting employees, installing some security lights around the outside of your property can help to make it a safe place and deter criminals from entering. Well-lit areas are sure to remove any threats and are essential if your employees are leaving later in the evening. 

Secure your car park

Many car parking areas are now equipped with bollards, parking barriers and swinging gates. These help keep out unwanted guests, ensuring only employees gain access to the premises. CCTV can also be combined with technology for number plate recognition, helping you monitor unauthorised vehicles. Alternatively, hiring a security guard to monitor the car park and allow entry is another method.

Protect your electrical devices

Your electrical devices are extremely important, stored with your personal information and documents. You may keep your banking information, your address and other data you don't want being leaked and stolen on your devices. You should protect your devices the best you can.
Investing in laptop locks, for instance, can help prevent your laptop from being stolen from your business. These work by your computer being locked to an unmovable object in the room, like your desk. Employees' personal belongings are jointly your responsibility and their own, and there are simple ways you can minimise risk. 

Why is workplace security important?

There are a few main reasons why workplace security is essential. A good business should protect its employees and its goods and equipment.

All businesses are comprised of employees, all of which should feel safe while at work. While some may be daunted by the concept of security measures and a monitored perimeter, many employees will be happy to know you care about their well-being and do your best to keep the workplace secure.
There is nothing worse than your employees coming to harm because of a security oversight on your part, and your team can quickly lose trust and faith in you as their boss if you fail to protect them. Good security can also protect customers and visitors, those that aren't at your business as regularly.
Clear signs about how your security works and constant monitoring of the premises can make people feel safe and relaxed in your offices.

Of course, you should also invest in workplace security for your valuable stock and important equipment. Whether you are an office or store, you should be protecting your facilities and electrical equipment from theft. Much of the equipment you use will be expensive and attractive to criminals.
Many attacks come from companies not taking the deterrents recommended to protect their computers, equipment and tools.

Keeping your passwords and computers safe, your internet data and precious emails are also important. You can do this by using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), not leaving passwords clearly visible on notebooks and allocating each employee their own computer.
This way, if one were to get hacked, you can rest assured knowing the entire system isn't at risk. 

However, workplace security is important for more than simply deterring crime. If the fire alarm alerts the building and you begin a fire drill, you can use security cameras to track any employees not present.
It can become much easier to identify missing employees with a system that forces them to check in and out of the premises.
There are several procedures to choose from depending on your company. The combination of benefits of installing security measures shows how and why you should protect your space moving to the future.

You can potentially save money on insurance and compensation if you invest in security measures, helping you in the long run. If you require expert advice on improving your business security, reach out to our team today. 

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