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How Do I Make My Garage Door Safer

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  • 07-09-2022
How Do I Make My Garage Door Safer

Are you looking for ways to improve your garage door security? This article looks at how to make a garage door safer?

Tips to make your garage secure

Make sure that your car is always locked and have the alarm set.

This goes for when your car is on the driveway or in your garage.

Ensure that you do not leave your garage door remote out where anyone can take it.

We would recommend keeping your garage door remote in your car at night. Put the remote in your glove compartment so that it is less visible to any passers-by who are walking past.

Make sure that you lock all the interior doors that lead into your home.

This one only really applies if you have doors that lead from your garage space directly into your house. If anyone does actually manage to gain access to your garage, then locking your interior door will make sure that your home remains completely safe.

Never leave the keys to your house inside your car.

This stands even if your car is parked up in your garage. Leaving the house keys inside your car is a terrible security practice, and house keys are so much safer inside your property in a very secure location.

Ensure that you lock your garage door every night.

When you are locking up your home at night, treat your garage door just as you would your home's front and back doors. The majority of overhead garage doors have a locking mechanism. This is usually either a very simple interior side lock or, in some cases, an exterior lock that can be installed separately.

Make sure the garage is secured when you go on holiday.

If you are leaving your home for a long period, for example, going on holiday, then you should always remember to fully lock the garage door and set the holiday lock switch on your wall station. If you need added security, then you can also unplug the garage door opener.

You should never leave the garage door open when you are not around.

Even if you are just nipping out of the house quickly and you will be back in five minutes. That is still enough time for a break-in to occur. Leaving the door open will give everyone around the home visual access to all the possessions being stored in the garage.

Replace your garage door with a solid model with no windows.

If any potential thieves cannot see inside the garage, then they are much less likely to have an incentive to want to break in. If you require some light to shine into your garage, then there are garage designs available with windows installed on top.

Reinforce and cover all the windows.

If you do not want to sacrifice all the windows on your garage door, then you should instead opt for improving the window's security. One option is to have frosted glass windows installed in order to reduce visibility. Another option is to make sure that relevant locks and alarms are all installed to enhance the security of your garage windows.

Make sure that you keep your security code to yourself.

You should only ever type out your security code when you are entering it into your exterior wireless keypad. There may be some cases when you need to share the code, such as when an engineer is servicing the system, but in these cases, you can simply remove the old code and reprogram the system with a new code.

Try illuminating the exterior of your garage.

Outdoor security lighting is a fantastic way to deter possible intruders, especially if you decide to have a motion sensor light installed. The extra light can also illuminate any outdoor areas, such as your garden, bringing another extra level of security.

Have a high-quality alarm system for your garage installed.

Alarms are an essential part of all security systems, and they will ensure that you are alerted immediately if a break-in occurs. Some alarms will connect to your phone, so even if you are not near the property, you can be alerted to any emergencies as and when they occur.

Have a CCTV system installed.

CCTV cameras are capable of allowing you to deeply surveil the exterior of your property, as well as record any criminal activities that take place there. Just the very presence of a CCTV camera is enough a lot of the time to ward off intruders.

Ensure any valuables are hidden.

You should always ensure that any prized possessions are hidden away. Either store them away in a cupboard, drawer, or box, or you can simply cover them up, so they are not visible. Some items may be too large to cover up, but for the smaller and highly valuable objects where it is possible to obscure them, we recommend taking this step.

Think about a garage defender.

As the name would suggest, this is a little bit like a personal bodyguard for your garage door. Think of it this way; a garage door defender is a security feature that can very easily be installed on the edge of your garage door. The accessory is very robust and is perfect for improving the strength of the door and ensuring that there is another barrier for any potential intruders to get through.

Choose the most secure type of garage door possible.

Just by their basic nature, every garage door is very secure and durable. Although, there are some types of garage doors that offer extra levels of enhanced security. This is dependent on the type of material that the door is made from, as well as the door's opening mechanism and whether the door is automatic. Roller doors are generally considered to be the most secure type of garage door possible.

How Do I Make My Garage Door Safer?

Roller Garage Doors 

What is a Roller Garage Door?

Roller shutter garage doors are one of the most versatile door options that are available on the market. They have a very smooth vertical opening, along with no internal tracks. They operate very smoothly.

The doors are manufactured with either aluminium or steel. The roller door is essentially a large curtain that is made up of slats that roll around themselves at the peak of the door opening. Aluminium doors also offer insulation. Roller garage doors can sometimes be confused with a sectional type door. This is because they also rise vertically.

Are Roller Shutters Good For Security?

Roller Door Types

Roller doors are available across the UK in two different forms. Insulated double-skinned aluminium or non-insulated single-skin steel. These are both available with the optional extra of manual or remote control electric operation.

The single-skin door type is a simple but very practical door that combines both high quality and great functionality. The door type is very affordable, which makes it perfect for all homeowners looking for a new garage door.

The double-skinned and insulated door type is fantastic at reducing heat loss, as well as protecting the garage from all kinds of extreme weather types. The door can also boost the security of your garage.

Roller Door Security

The majority of roller shutter doors are very secure. There are manually operated versions also available that work through sliding bars that lock into the side channels. Remote control electric doors use various different types of locking devices that are commonly held in the barrel that the curtain is attached to. The cheapest and most basic electric aluminium roller door with standard internal mechanisms can be quite easy to break into.

Roller Door Security

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