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How Do You Service A Roller Shutter Door

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  • 27-04-2022
How Do You Service A Roller Shutter Door

How do you service a roller shutter door? Find out how to maintain your roller shutter and why servicing is important.

Why do I need to clean my Roller Shutters?

It's incredibly important that any roller shutters on your business premises are kept clean and free from grime. This maintenance not only preserves the look of the property when the shutter is down but also prevents problems with its functionality and security. 

On the other hand, garage doors using the same shutter mechanisms require the same maintenance to remain in great working condition and uphold security for your home or vehicle.

The industrial roller shutters used by our UK team at 24/7 Doors & Shutters Ltd are reliable, robust and relatively low-maintenance. We offer various services, from shutter installation and maintenance to the entire replacement of roller shutter doors.

Regular maintenance will help to preserve any roller shutters and keep your property shining, even when shut. The most straightforward and effective methods you can use to service the roller shutters are detailed below. Contact our friendly team for more information about our roller shutter maintenance services.

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters?

How to maintain your Roller Shutter?

How Do You Service A Roller Shutter Door?

Want your business to stay safe? Roller shutter doors are almost completely impermeable and an incredibly sturdy safeguard for any business premises. 

To ensure the roller shutters effectively protect your business for a long time, keep up with regular basic maintenance and less regular or annual performance checks. 

The security of your business is paramount, so follow these simple maintenance methods to preserve shutter door integrity.

Perform regular checks

Regular maintenance help keep your roller shutters in great condition whilst ensuring the longevity of the safeguard. 

During examinations of the shutters, make sure you check for any damages or weakness that could be taken advantage of to gain entry to the premises and endanger the employees or yourself. 

Keep an eye out for any signs of attempted forced entry, wear and tear, or any issues with the safety mechanism. If you spot any concerning damages, don't hesitate to contact a professional to double-check the roller shutters' performance or resolve highlighted issues for an emergency repair.


The roller shutter's mechanism can be hindered by a build-up of dirt, sand or other debris, causing the roller to run slowly, jerk around, or entirely stop the shutter from closing correctly. 

Build-up can be prevented by regularly cleaning the shutters with a stiff-bristled brush every three months. 

Ventilation holes and tracks should be cleaned thoroughly, and the shutter itself should be hosed down using warm water and soap solution to remove all signs of grime. 

Use a soft cloth to dry the shutter to avoid damage to its surface.

You must use a mild soap as abrasive cleaners can damage the roller shutter's surface. Similarly, don't use scrubbing brushes or steel wool to avoid scratching the shutter.

cleaning roller shutters

Grease the Mechanisms

The roller shutters mechanisms, including rollers, guide rails, and bearing, will need regular lubrication to allow them to move smoothly with no jolts and prevent rusting. 

Greasing these parts also prevents the need to replace parts, saving money in the long term. There are various lubricants or grease for shutter doors. 

An easy one to use is silicone spray. However, when selecting the greasing element, ensure you check it won't cause rust and is recommended by professionals. Although a popular choice, WD-40 isn't as sturdy as other lubrication and may require more regular re-application on roller shutter doors.

Operate with Care

Roller shutters should always be operated carefully, especially if using a hand-operated roller shutter for both the shutter and the people operating it. 

The shutter shouldn't be allowed to slam into the ground or roll up too quickly as it can drive screws to loosen or even snap the mechanisms. 

Moreover, if you have an electric roller, the remote should be treated carefully, as damages to the buttons could jeopardise the integrity of the shutter, and a replacement may be required.

People should stand well clear whenever the shutter is being operated to avoid falling or banging into the shutter and causing damage to both themselves and the property's security.

Operate with Care - How to Service A Roller Shutter Door

Repair any faults

If you notice any damage to the shutter door, you should aim to repair it as soon as possible, as any damage or weakening to the shutter door can jeopardise its integrity. 

A problem that seems small at the time can gradually worsen if left untreated and lead to more destructive problems like a safety mechanism failing or the injury of anyone near the shutter.

Moreover, any visual damage to shutter doors could encourage illegal activity from burglars, or property damage from troublesome kids, with graffiti or a smashed window.  

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