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How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced

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  • 25-07-2022
How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced

How often should roller shutter doors be serviced? We look at why you should not neglect your roller shutters and how to keep them maintained.

The security and safety of domestic, commercial, and industrial properties are paramount. From the insurance side of matters, your premises must be secure 24 hours a day, and having your roller shutter doors serviced often is an important part of that.

The Importance Of  Roller Shutter Servicing

Servicing your roller shutters is as important as the reason you have them, protection from vandalism and burglary. There is nothing worse than you and your family or staff feeling insecure within the premises. Keep windows, patios, and front and rear doors from being susceptible to the pre-mentioned dangers by maintaining your roller shutter doors.

The cost of servicing is significantly lower than the cost of repairs. To put it differently, it is much better to check that your roller shutters work properly than to have them completely collapse mid-way through a day.

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters?

How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced?

Don't let your roller shutter doors create a health and safety nightmare- get them serviced! The results are only advantageous. 

You are ensuring that your workplace or residential property is legally compliant, your staff or family are safe, you prevent injuries and disruptions, your shutter doors operate at optimum conditions, you extend the life of your roller shutters, your investment brings you maximum returns, and your property is kept completely secure.

How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced?

If you find that your roller shutter automation is having problems or the shutters do not lift smoothly, then repairs are necessary to get them working efficiently again.

Your roller shutter doors will require servicing, especially if you aim to use them continually. Keeping in contact with a servicing company is increasingly important. 

After any repair work has taken place, your roller shutters may have emergent or sudden breakages, and you'll be relieved you are already acquainted with a trustworthy team.

To comply with security standards, regulations, and the 1992 Workplace Regulations, it is wise to have your roller shutters services regularly and routinely. This will prolong their life and prevent more costly repairs down the line if you avoid getting them sorted now. 

According to the 1992 Workplace Regulations, the workplace, equipment, devices, and systems must be cleaned and maintained in efficient working order.

Under the Health and Safety Act and Roller Shutter Regulations and Guarantees, all mechanical doors and their parts must be checked and serviced every 12 months or a minimum of once a year. The paperwork regarding any checks and servicing must be signed off by an authorised professional with the correct qualifications. 

However, you do not have to wait every 12 months to get your doors and shutters checked. If any problems occur or early warning signs start to show, you must call a professional servicing team to repair anything that requires it.

How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced?

Many companies are happy to undertake any fabrication or welding jobs on-site; however, for more extensive servicing, they may want to take your roller shutter doors off-site.

There are a few ways to service your roller shutters yourself. Regularly cleaning, for example, will remove any dirt and debris that causes your shutters to get stuck and lock. This is a relatively easy job to do, but to do it properly, you must ensure that you use a mixture of warm water and either washing up liquid or a household cleaning detergent.

How Often Should Roller Shutter Doors Be Serviced?

Any components that need replacing can be done yourself too. Over time, bolts and fixings can become loose and cause problems with the operation of roller shutters. 

The best way to prevent this issue is to regularly inspect any fixings for any traces of damage. If there is damage, you can explain to a professional technician that you require help repairing your shutter doors by replacing a loose fixing.

If the key switch, rocker switch, or remote control begins to malfunction, your manual or electric opening system needs to be checked and serviced to see if any components need to be replaced.

You may also need to have the individual slats of your roller shutter doors replaced if they become damaged or broken.

Don't Neglect Your Roller Shutter Servicing!

If you leave your residential or commercial property with damaged or broken roller shutters, you are leaving your property and all valuables within it vulnerable. Many companies offer an emergency number which we recommend calling when any sudden breakages occur.

If the security of your premises is important to you, do not neglect to have roller shutter door maintenance and servicing.

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